Simplify your life with the Casa D’Amendoeira´s planners and calendars.

  • 22.00

    For true reading lovers or for those who want to venture into the world of books. With this planner you’ll be able to make a list of your favorite books and the ones you want to read, you’ll register and analyze the ones you’ve already read, and even make reading challenges that will force you to leave your comfort zone and try out new literary genres.

    And this edition is very special, on the cover we can find original illustrations by Maria Matos.


    4 writers, 4 animals:

    Fox: Eça de Queirós

    Cat: Virginia Woolf

    Raven: Edgar Allan Poe

    Owl: Oscar Wilde

  • 8.00

    This A5 landscape weekly planner will be your next best friend. In your workplace or in your personal life it´s the best way to organize and simplify your chores.

    Beautifully designed this planner will help you organize your week efficiently setting three main goals and managing your week around them. The elegant, simple and practical design allows you to customize it and make your weeks as fun as your plans. 

    Through a perpetual calendar at the top of the planner, you will always be able to identify the day of the week and the month. This schedule function will make the planner even more complete.

    The grid dot writing area is ideal for a straight and harmonious writing.

    Stay organized, stay focus!