In every blank notebook there is a ray of hope

It is by writing that I tend to stay organized, to express myself and, above all, to process my own feelings. Writing is a key part of my daily life since I can remember and, as such, it was to be expected that I would have this affection towards stationary.

I find myself frequently searching for new ideas and inspiration. It was during one of those researches that I found Casa D’Amendoeira and, to be completely honest with you, amongst tens of results that I looked up, this one was the one which truly touched my heart.

In every blank notebook there is a ray of hope, both figuratively and literally. But at Casa D’Amendoeira that goes even further, as it is not merely about one more notebook like so many others. What moved me the most was the love which they put into every single piece they make solely by hand; it immediately shines through.

They’re originality is also noticeable. It is not just one more mass-producing store which follows the latest tendencies. Here, the motto is about pursuing the life which makes you happy and having the act of writing as your journey companion. Maybe that is why I felt so understood here.

The existence of this brand is in itself a reflection of the motto, since it is a project, very well accomplished if I may say so myself, made by two sisters who decided to grab life by their own hands and turn their passion for stationary into a dream come true.

Once I got my first notebook, “Down the Rabbit Hole” Deluxe Edition, a collaboration featuring Casa D’Amendoeira and the illustrator Maria Matos, I immediately proved what I thought about all this to be true. Besides the premium quality, there is always a tendency to keep gazing and observing it like a work of art, which is why I keep it on my desk right by my side since it arrived. And this is what they are about actually, handmade works of art filled with positivity.

After all, one of the most heart-warming ways of celebrating life is precisely letting the ink flow on the paper, making our memories eternal, broadening our horizon or planning the realization of our dreams. And when the door to that lovely place is, in itself, a symbol of said love, as it is here, it can only be even better.


By Inês Marto, Blogger and Portuguese Writer, June 2021
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