“Through the Tejo one goes to the World”, Alberto Caeiro

We are living in strange times. This recently created “new normal” demands from us a constant adaptation to the chaotic mutability that is not always easy to manage, professionally and emotionally. However, they are also the times when we need to stop and remember what made us start. For us it was the love of arts and crafts, especially bookbinding. Books and notebooks have always been a constant in our lives and Casa D’Amendoeira is our way of sharing that art and passion with the world.

There are always back and forth in a creative process but that is what makes it so exciting and scary. This one was no different.

What is the best role? Will it work this way? Well… it does not work like that; we have to find a new way! Each TEJO is an object created by our hands, born from this process, that will endure in time long after it leaves our studio and become faithful depository of the creativity of others.

The TEJO notebook is a new example of our pleasure in playing with structures and shapes. This type of binding, the leporello, was something we had already done but had never been part of our collections. Constantly put off, it has now found its opportunity in these winding times. Hence its name, TEJO. Through the TEJO one goes to the World of drawing and journaling lovers, of those who love to create their own memories and are looking for a faithful travel companion. In the end, what more could we want than to be part of this journey?

Technical details

TEJO is the ideal notebook for all those who love to travel and create memories through illustration or journaling. Thought to be the ideal travel companion and urban adventurers, we took into account several factors in its design:


Lightweight and compact it fits inside a backpack, suitcase or even in a jacket pocket. Its size takes in account the mobility of our days, essential for those who like to have a notebook always at hand, either at home or on the road. Thinking of those who like to gather memorabilia on their wanderings, we have added a side pocket to preserve those memories.


The hard cover allows for greater resistance to handling, as well as providing support when drawing.  To this, we added the covering in eco-leather (cork), ideal to protect the notebook from the elements as well as being environmentally friendly.

The elastic closure allows you to keep the notebook closed and your drawings and creations protected.

Block and binding:

The leporello, or accordion, binding gives this notebook the versatility to allow you to draw small details to authentic panoramic landscapes. In fact, creativity is the only limit.

The interior, made with 50% cotton and 250 grs, is suitable for several drawing techniques and mixed media. As the paper is acid free, it guarantees a longer life without yellowing.

TEJO allows a series of customizations in paper and dimensions.

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