Journaling why do I want you!

Many of us do running, others cycling and others do journaling! The first categories can fit into physical exercise, journaling is associated with another type of exercise, no less important, mental.

What does journaling means? It´s writing about our emotions and / or thoughts, or even describe events, in order to see them with another clarity or even “clean” our ideas.

Historically, this concept of registration has gone through several facets. From the diaries kept by explorers, reporting their travels and discoveries, including graphic records, such as Charles Darwin. Or, as an important part of the creative process of many artists, many of them published and widely read. At the beginning of the 20th century, we saw the proliferation of war journals. One of the most widely read books of all time – “The Diary of Anne Frank” is born. Clearly, in this war environment, journaling functioned as a way of self-help and as a way to combat anxiety within a dark and poignant period of Humanity.

And these days? Why do journaling?

Although we live in a digital age, it has never made more sense than now to write our thoughts and emotions. We are eager to reveal to the world what we feel, what moves us, who we are and what we do. But do we have a secret and mysterious side that we want to keep personal? Something that social networks or algorithm will never have access to? I believe so.

[The act of keeping a diary will always involve privacy and honesty.]

One of the most beautiful experiences we have had as bookbinders is the love transmitted by our public for the act of writing, for the book or notebook as an object and for reading. There is a difficult feeling to explain and we usually call comfort, warm, something that strengthens and invigorates us, when we take a book to read or a notebook to write. And it is in this last point, in writing, that privacy and honesty come into play.

Sometimes journaling comes into our lives at the most difficult times. Personally, I remember that it entered mine when I was in a more unstable professional situation. I picked up a notebook and just started writing. It didn’t need to be perfect, and it wasn’t, but when I finished and read, I saw clearly that my life had to change. The honesty I saw on the pages was not like the thoughts that are in our head that we can simply control. Each word was arranged there on a blank sheet, as they say “black on white”.

In reality, writing promotes this encounter with ourselves. Unlike a friend who often says what we want to hear, your writing and a notebook will always tell you the truth. Let’s just say you already know what the future has brought me and today I feel happy and fulfilled! If writing helped me to achieve this happiness? I think so, it was through it that I started to think differently about my life, not to conform and feel that I was able to build my own destiny.

So let´s start right now and with easy steps! Here are some tips for those who want to start journaling:

– Write what you want and what your emotions tell you. Do not feel “stuck” to a perfect and logical dialectic. Remember that you are talking to yourself and in privacy. It may not be very fluid at the beginning but from the moment you start to gain balance you will see that the text will flow very naturally.

– Don’t limit yourself to writing. Draw, make doodles, layouts, everything you want. Play with different materials, pencils, pens, watercolor, crayons.

– Do not force yourself to write or maintain a strict schedule. This kind of forced routine will only demotivate you and see journaling as obligation. Go back to your notebook whenever you feel the need for it

– Short texts are also welcome.

– Write what makes you happy. Do not get caught up in negative thoughts. Describe a perfect day, that positive event that marked your life, that recipe from your mother that you just made and what was the result, among other good experiences!

And more importantly, stay faithful, honest but also critical of yourself.

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